Hello! I'm Lacey Taylor, and that up there is a beautifully retouched version of my face. 

I really like to write. When I'm not banging on about my life here, you can find me tweeting to the thousands of followers I'd like to think I'll have some day or posting on Facebook about the amount of muffins I ingest (spoiler: it's a lot). I'm also still writing thank you notes from my wedding, but that's less impressive. Actually it's been over a year since the wedding now, so that's probably just shameful. Sorry, Aunt Judy. 

I earn cash money as a professional speechwriter working with clients to capture some of the best and hardest moments of their lives into words. I've written wedding vows and eulogies and more Father of the Bride jokes than Steve Martin. I once made a cast member of Hamilton cry with the speech I wrote for him. Yes, I'm bragging. No, I didn't get tickets. 

Speaking of bragging, the things I'd casually try to drop in to a conversation if we were having one in order to impress you are as follows:

  • I've hiked the Appalachian Trail
  • I've run a marathon. 
  • I've summited Mount Rainier.
  • I once performed improv with Scott Adsit, AKA Pete Hornberger from 30Rock.

And that's it. That's all I've got, folks.

Thanks for stopping by and if you can make me famous, by all means feel free to contact me: laceydtaylor22@gmail.com.